Career at umgi

umgi is a dynamically developing investment company, giving everyone an opportunity to find daily growth and development together with the Company while working on new unconventional and unusual tasks and projects.

The success of umgi directly depends on its ability to attract and grow the best professionals. Our employees are an integral part of the Company and its corporate culture, each contributing to the development of UMG Investments’ businesses.

That is why at umgi we:

Shape the future

Shape the future with the help of our innovative projects, achievements and as creative self-actualization that is important to us


Encourage independent thinking and initiative, aiding employees help each other grow professionally and multiply their experiences


Support inspirational projects and interesting tasks, giving responsibility to each employee


Value the knowledge, experience, initiative and potential of each employee, constantly investing resources in recruiting, training, and developing personnel


Create career opportunities—identify talents, offer training and development programs

People are the most valuable asset in our company

Who we are looking for:

First of all, we are looking for like-minded people who share our values, ​and strive to develop and achieve high results
We are proud when our team is joined by the best professionals who make us stronger through their expertise
We are happy to share our experience with talented students and graduates as part of the internship program

What we offer

Career growth and professional development
Inspirational projects and opportunities for the most daring, creative, and interesting solutions
Friendly corporate culture and partnerships
Competitive wages
Medical insurance from one of the leading service providers in Ukraine
Vibrant corporate life—we work, celebrate, and relax together
Flexible working hours; the opportunity to telecommute
A cosy modern office within walking distance of a subway station

Professional growth at umgi

We support corporate training and career development
We help our employees obtaining professional certifications and participation in field-specific associations
We form a corporate library
We use an e-learning platform
We conduct corporate trainings and webinars, attracting the best coaches from Ukraine and the CIS

How to become part of the umgi team


Send us your CV

We recommend that you describe your professional experience in your CV — tell us about the projects you were a part of, areas of responsibility and personal achievements.

Indicate if you may be interested in other available vacancies, describe your experience and knowledge in related fields. In the event that the job opening has already closed, our HR manager may be able to find another vacancy for you in our investment company or with our partners.


Add a cover letter to your CV

It is better to attach a cover letter to your CV, explaining why you are interested in the job offer, how you may be associated with it and why you are suitable for this job. This will make you stand out in the general flow, helping the HR manager see you right away.


Meet face-to-face for an interview

At the initial interview, the HR manager tells the candidate about the company and open vacancies, asks questions about the applicant’s experience and expectations, and also answers all the questions the applicant might have.

In the case of a successful completion of the initial selection stage, we introduce the potential candidate to the hiring manager and/or the head of the department.


Take professional testing

We may offer final candidates to take professional tests and questionnaires to assess their professional expertise, competencies, and personal qualities.

For umgi interns

An internship at umgi is a great way to start your career at the training stage, gain indispensable practical work experience, see with your own eyes the work of our company from the inside, get acquainted with the internal programs, and have the opportunity to become a permanent employee, showing the best results among interns.

Our team consists of professionals, with whom you can take an exciting path at developing your skills. Each of you will have a mentor who will share the necessary knowledge, help you adapt and develop new skills.

Don’t miss your chance to start your career with umgi!

Job openings

UMGI is the investment company that creates and develops the businesses with the high growth potential. Our team takes active part in development of the portfolio companies by supporting them with its manufacturing, commercial and management expertise.

umgi was founded by SCM in 2006 to manage the raw material assets.

Today umgi creates and develops the business with the high growth potential and the investment focus on extraction of mineral resources, management of by-products and production waste, production of industrial goods and services. The total market value of the portfolio companies of umgi exceeds 500 million US dollars.

We are inviting applications for the position of the General Director’s Assistant.


  • Academic degree;
  • At least three years of experience as a business assistant of the senior executive;
  • At least one year of experience in successful management of the administrative department;
  • Fluent English;
  • MS Office and 1C skills;
  • Efficient planning and time management skills, business correspondence on behalf of the senior executive;
  • Skills of preparation of the meetings conducted by the senior executive and documentation of the outcome of the business meetings/negotiation;
  • Expedience in organisation and support of the business trips and meetings (optimum route logistics, booking of tickets and hotels, transfer; visa support; organisation of leisure);
  • Experience in communication, negotiation techniques, business ethics, planning and records management;
  • Ability to duly discharge a wide range of duties, to adapt to the fast-changing business environment.

Main tasks:

  • To keep the senior executive’s schedule, to plan and organise meetings/business trips, to adjust the work schedule during a day;
  • To organise business trips, visa support and transfer for the senior executive;
  • To keep records on and distribute the incoming information related to the senior executive, to transfer the documents, messages and information on time;
  • To facilitate comfortable service by the transport, administrative and IT services for the senior executive and business partners;
  • To control timely fulfilment of the senior executive’s order by the Company’s staff;
  • To control the subordinates: task setting, assessment and development;
  • To make and control the administrative budget;
  • To control procurement of the necessary equipment, consumables, office supplies and furniture etc.;
  • To interact with the lessor, municipal and operational organisations;
  • To arrange repairs and restoration, to coordinate the contractors;
  • To administer contractual activities involving the suppliers and contractors.

Terms and conditions:

  • Official employment, employment benefits;
  • Professional and career development opportunities;
  • Training at the company’s expense.

Want to work at UMGI Investments, but have not found a suitable vacancy?

Submit your CV and a short cover letter. We will be glad to get to know you!