UMG Investments is now umgi


We are pleased to introduce you to new UMG Investments’ new company branding. The investment company has changed its name to umgi and updated its corporate design.

“Since its foundation, umgi has transformed from a non-core asset management company that was part of an industrial conglomerate into a captive private equity captive firm with a diversified portfolio of assets located first in Ukraine and now also in the EU and Turkey. Today, we are an investment company that helps companies implement positive changes and faster achieve their ambitious goals. umgi has entered a new stage of development,” said Andrii Gorokhov, CEO of umgi.

The investment company has a successful track record of investing in the creation of new and developing of operating companies in the green economy, industrial services and mining. umgi’s assets are located in Ukraine, Spain, Romania, Poland, Italy and Turkey and as of January 1, 2022 were worth more than USD 1 billion. By investing as a minority or majority investor, umgi becomes a partner for management teams and helps build up capitalization in promising companies that are striving for greater things. The new umgi brand embodies this approach.

The new umgi branding was developed back in 2021 and was scheduled for launch in 2022. However, the changes were postponed due to the onset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, the umgi team has been actively involved in the development of the Rebuild Ukraine initiative and introducing the country and domestic business to the international investment community. The investment company sees its goal as helping private international investors come to Ukraine and facilitating the mutual integration of capital, technology and businesses between the EU and Ukraine. “We felt the time was right to update our communication now. We changed the look, feel and language of umgi because messaging that resonates with our partners is important to us. Our rebranding will allow us to better position umgi as a modern, trustable and innovative investment company that helps other companies implement changes that matter,” said Andrii Gorokhov, CEO of umgi.

The umgi investment team explores and implements new investment opportunities in the markets of Ukraine, the EU, Turkey, the USA, Canada and the UK. The company is committed to investing up to USD 150 million in companies operating in the green economy, agro-processing, logistics, mining, healthcare and niche industrial production.