VESCO Resumes Shipping To Spain, Italy and Turkey

The first ship with 17 thousand tons of Ukrainian (VESCO) clay arrived at the port of Castellon on August 15


The first ship with 17 thousand tons of Ukrainian (VESCO) clay arrived at the port of Castellon on August 15

russia’s launching of a full-scale war has led to numerous casualties among the civilians, destruction of civilian infrastructure and disruption of logistics channels as a consequence of Ukrainian ports being blocked. Undermining the Ukrainian economy is still one of the goals of the aggressor country. In this situation, the fastest possible restructuring of operational processes, identification of new supply routes, and continuation or resumption of activity by every business located in the territory controlled by Ukraine is an essential part of victory on the economic front.

For just a few months, the activity of the VESCO group of companies was suspended, as people and  items of equipment were evacuated. 

“The shock caused by the first weeks of the war was quickly replaced by an understanding of the need to find and build new logistics channels. Even with the temporary suspension of the company’s operation, there was sufficient accumulated stock. It was important to make shipping possible,” commented Dmitrii Kostornichenko, the VESCO Sales Director. “The result is that shipping to foreign markets has been resumed! We’ve now reached a shipping volume of 100 thousand tons per month and we’re planning to expand the channels that we’ve managed to build. The first 17,000 tons of Ukrainian clay since the beginning of the war has already been shipped to Spain.”

For the moment, the company is operational again and has already reached a production volume sufficient to current shipping capacity.

VESCO is an export-oriented company. More than 80% of VESCO clays are sold globally, generating foreign exchange earnings for the country, ensuring that taxes are paid and the maximum possible number of jobs is retained. VESCO is a UMG Investments portfolio company, which is part of SCM, the largest investment group in Ukraine.