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Over the last year, almost everybody has asked me why I needed two diplomas in business studies. People do not always know why they need to have at least one diploma. Elon Musk and Steven Jobs became successful without any diplomas and I have graduated from two business schools – INSEAD and Harvard. Why?


First, I tried to reply seriously and said that I have never planned to stop learning as it inspires me and contributes to my development. The experience you get during the learning process is different all the time and it is good for your professional growth.

I am confident that you cannot move to a new level of development without business education. These are not some lofty words. This is about your personal identification, your being a top manager and your ambitions. To decide whether you need additional education you need to understand yourself. What do you want from life?  What is your big personal goal and what do you need to attain the goal? Not all people are looking for the answers to these questions. However, a person with an MBA diploma can answer these questions at least to himself.

That’s why an MBA diploma is seen by people and employers as the sign that a person wants to get new knowledge and skills and that he asks questions and looks for answers. Contrary to popular perception, MBA letters on a business card do not mean that a person has much money for education. He could have won a grant or taken a credit. First of all, this means that the owner of business card wanted to get the required knowledge. He wanted some interaction, a chance to exchange experience with people like him and also an opportunity to learn from the best world professionals.

But that’s not all. With an MBA diploma you can understand the value of business and personal contacts. As a rule, students of business schools share the same values and have certain intellectual, language and professional knowledge and skills. If they choose the right training programme they can get effective tools to settle many issues inside and outside the country.

Now popular online courses do not provide such an option. This is a one-to-one learning environment with the course and tests. When the online course is over you have zero connections in the market. An important part of offline business learning is a possibility to develop your networking skills. Prominent graduates are a part of this process. If you understand these people, the connections via associations of graduates and areas where they work it is easier to make the right choice of the training programme.

Of course, an MBA diploma also means a quick start of your career and higher incomes. According to the statistical data of Graduate Management Admission Council, a person with an MBA diploma can increase personal incomes by 57% (in Europe) and even by 200% (in India). There are no data like this about Ukraine. But in any case we can say for sure that you will earn much more as you will work more efficiently.

Last year INSEAD with the support of UMG made an open presentation of an MBA programme for those who want to join the school. I am sure that many people will use the chance to accelerate their career with the help of one of the best MBA programmes in the world. Trust me, employers will see and appreciate this.

Go for it!