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In 2017, the Novotroitsk mine administration increased its net profit by 16.1%

PJSC Novotroitskoye Mine Administration (NTRU, settlement Novotroitsky, Donetsk region) in 2017 increased its net profit by 16.1% compared to 2016 – up to UAH 264, 593 million.


According to the annual report of the company, made public in the NKTSBFR information disclosure system, a positive financial result before tax for 2017 increased by 16% to UAH 322.620 million.

At the same time, the net income of the company last year increased by 28.1% – to UAH 777.518 million.

His retained earnings to the end of last year amounted to 753.941 million UAH.

In 2017, the company produced, in particular, 3 million 347.975 thousand tons of dolomite limestone, in 2016 – 2 million 504.736 thousand tons.

Novotroitsk mine department specializes in the extraction and processing of metallurgical limestones and dolomites.

According to the company at the end of 2017, Triore Limited is the largest shareholder in the Novotroitsk mine department – 99.95044%.

The authorized capital of Private JSC is UAH 29.338 million, the nominal value of the share is UAH 1.

Novotroitsk mine department and Dokuchaevsky flux-dolomite plant (DFDK) are part of the flux-dolomite business of the investment company UMG, which unites the mining and processing assets of the SCM financial and industrial group.