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VESCO’s clay business, which is part of the investment portfolio of UMG Investments, sold 3.05 million tons of clay in 2017, which is 36% higher than in 2016.


According to the company’s press release, Vesco’s revenue amounted to 4.3 billion UAH compared to 2.7 billion UAH in 2016.

Last year, Vesco enterprises transferred to the budgets of all levels 410.7 million UAH of tax deductions, which is 18% more compared to 2016.

In 2017, the largest consumers of Vesco clay were ceramic tile manufacturers in Spain and Italy – they accounted for 28% and 21% of all sales, respectively. In general, according to the results of last year, about 91% of the products were sold on export markets in 27 countries of the world.

The key reason for the company’s growth was the Spanish market. Last year, the production of ceramic tiles in Spain returned to the pre-crisis levels of 2008.

“The situation in the main markets for clay is improving. In particular, the Spanish market shows a positive trend, resulting in the need for additional volumes of raw materials. To ensure a stable supply of clay, we promptly launched the development of a new quarry. 2017 is with a high implementation rate. Plans for 2018 are also ambitious. We see that the situation is stable: contracts with key clients have been prolonged, preliminary supply volumes have confirmed According to the results of 12 months, we plan to consolidate the record figures of last year, ”explains the general director of Vesco, Yevgeny Tsymarman, quoted by the press office.

The press service also reports that in 2017, Vesco social investments in the region of its presence increased by 72% – to 2.4 million UAH. The priority areas in the field of corporate responsibility were social infrastructure, sports, education, medicine, assistance to the socially unprotected group of the population of Ukraine.

Vesco is one of the largest producers of white plastic clay in the world. It unites enterprises “Vesco”, “Druzhkovskoye mine department”, “Ogneupornerud”. The portfolio of clay business products includes more than 60 grades of clays. The main consumers are manufacturers of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware.

UMG Investments is an investment company with a focus on the development of businesses in the raw materials and processing sectors. Founded in 2006 by SCM. The company’s portfolio includes three areas of business: mining, processing of raw materials and trading. The total value of UMG Investments portfolio companies is estimated at $ 500 million.