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Speeker: Nadia Kaznacheieva, Investment Director at UMG Investments, at Focus on Port panel discussion within the framework of the Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Week.


In December 2020, the ownership of Chasovoyarsky Refractory Plant changed, as it was bought by the VESCO Group, the leading clay producer and exporter in Ukraine.


UMG Investments is pioneering the use of modern industrial recycling technologies in Ukraine


“Waste” and “business opportunity” rarely find themselves in the same sentence. Typically, when someone says “waste” we think of landfills, rubbish on the side of the street, or over-filled municipal bins. Those images could not be further from the truth.


Ukraine has a powerful agroindustrial complex, but it could not boast of a civilized approach to waste processing until recently. The country was losing export opportunities and accumulating environmental problems. However, things will change soon.


The Ukrainian investment company UMG Investments presents its performance figures. In 2019, the value of assets managed by UMG Investments company exceeded $ 500 million.  Today, UMG Investments has portfolio companies in three industries: mining, by-products and production wastes management, industrial goods and services.


We are positive that those who work with meat should think about their main production and not about waste disposal methods.


The text of the interview between Andriy Gorokhov and Yuriy Pivovarov for #insightsKIEF. On the prospects formed by the new economic reality, forecasts for attracting foreign investment, implemented projects in 2020 in Ukraine and the world and plans for the future.


Under the moderation of Serhii Haidarchuk and Yana Matviichuk, Ukrainian businessmen and CEOs shared anticrisis strategies and compared it to previous ones.


Feednova, a company, that realizes the first in Ukraine high-protein feed additives and animal fats production plant, located in Busk city (Lviv region), has secured an investment from UMG Investments.