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For several weeks now, we have been doing our best to protect our staff from the epidemic, to support business processes in the investment company and to maintain the production cycle at our enterprises.


Coronavirus has shaken up the global and the Ukrainian economy. The quarantine measures initiated to protect human lives inevitably slow down the economic activity.


UAH 177 million of taxes were paid to the state budget, the Company’s press unit said.


The VESCO group, subsidiary of the clay mining direction of the investment company UMG Investments, sold 2.7 million tons of clay in 2019. VESCO exported about 86% of its clay to markets in 25 countries. The largest consumers of clay were ceramic tile manufacturers in Spain accounting for more than 30% of all sales.


The ratings of investment attractiveness are not the country’s success index, but they play a significant role in shaping the international image


No matter how many promises we make or how often we refine our phrases, investors understand just one language—the language of facts. And if we are still not seeing long queues of people willing to invest their money in Ukraine’s economy, that’s because, so far, our facts look none too appealing.


A lawyer’s job in business has always been akin to being a “sacred cow”, not to be hurried. However, the business environment of today requires lawyers to leave their quiet rooms and dive into the daily work of the “fields”.

The ability of a lawyer to increase sales performance is a reality. Here are five rules to which they must adhere.


VESCO’s clay business, which is part of the investment portfolio of UMG Investments, sold 3.05 million tons of clay in 2017, which is 36% higher than in 2016.


PJSC Novotroitskoye Mine Administration (NTRU, settlement Novotroitsky, Donetsk region) in 2017 increased its net profit by 16.1% compared to 2016 – up to UAH 264, 593 million.


Over the last year, almost everybody has asked me why I needed two diplomas in business studies. People do not always know why they need to have at least one diploma. Elon Musk and Steven Jobs became successful without any diplomas and I have graduated from two business schools – INSEAD and Harvard. Why?